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Urban Born is a modern art brand. Our focus is bringing attention to artisans and their craft. When you place an Urban Born terrarium in your home, you are helping to improve the lives of artisans in Northern India. Five percent of our profits go to schools, village health clinics, and wedding expenses for the daughters of our artisans.

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Urban Born products are all handmade by artisans with generations of experience. We only use the highest quality steel, glass and metal finishes.

If you receive a product you are less 100% satisfied with you can return it for a full refund.

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So beautiful and well made. Work
amazing for my carnivorous plant terrarium. Keeps the insects inside and the humidity stays well. Used a 8” pan to retain the moisture glass bottom drains.


I bought this for myself on a
whim and I love it!! It’s very well made and is taller than I though (which is great!). It is not air tight, but it does create a more humid space for some plants. I have three inside, in their own pots, and they fit quite comfortably. It is a beautiful piece and I would buy another one as a gift or, more likely, a second one for myself!


This beautiful glass terrarium is
not only functional but an attractive piece that grabs the eyes. I like that there is a door big enough to get your hand into, in order to place the dirt and plants into it. Some terrariums you can't do that and it is such a pain. The terrarium is not waterproof so you can only mist your terrarium plant, then sit back and watch them grow. 100% recommend this awesome greenhouse terrarium.


Decided to make a terrarium for
my friend. So I gave her the terrarium for Christmas and offered to make it with her. We had so much fun and it turned out wonderful. It was the best gift
because we also had a chance to make it together.

Black Birdcage Terrarium
Black Birdcage Terrarium
Black Birdcage Terrarium
Black Birdcage Terrarium
Black Birdcage Terrarium
Black Birdcage Terrarium

Black Birdcage Terrarium

Regular price$64.99

The Birdcage terrarium is one of our most popular terrariums. Our inspiration for this design comes from the beautiful Victorian conservatories of the past. It’s sure to make a statement in your home or office.

Each of our terrariums are skillfully handcrafted using steel and tempered glass. You can count on premium quality. We know access to your display is a must, so each terrarium has a hinged door for easy watering.

This is a perfect terrarium for desert succulents, rainforest tropicals, or your own collected keepsakes.

**Urban Born terrariums are not watertight and plants inside should only be watered with a spray bottle or mister. Do not enclose an animal in this terrarium.