Our Grid Greenhouse Terrarium (Black)
Our Grid Greenhouse Terrarium (Black)

Our Grid Greenhouse Terrarium (Black)

Regular price$99.99
  • Handmade Glass & Brass Construction
  • Perfectly Sized at 12"x8"x18"
  • Easy Cleaning Glass Panes
  • Perfect Terrarium for Desert and Forest Succulents
  • Hinged Door for Easy Watering

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Unleash your imagination with our Grid Greenhouse terrarium. The houselike design of this terrarium will give you lots of room to add taller plants and display pieces.

Each of our terrariums are skillfully handcrafted using steel and tempered glass, you can count on premium quality. We know access to your display is a must, so each terrarium has a hinged door for easy watering.

This is a perfect terrarium for desert succulents, rainforest tropicals, or your own collected keepsakes.

**Urban Born terrariums are not watertight and plants inside should only be watered with a spray bottle or mister. Do not enclose an animal in this terrarium.

Why should you consider an Urban Born terrarium?


Beautify any indoor space with an Urban Born "Grid Greenhouse," an elegant display built to bring more plants into your home or business. Our terrariums are a suitable accommodation for small plants like succulents, tillandsia, mosses, ferns, cacti, and Venus flytraps.


The presence of indoor plants can ease stress, aid focus, relax the mind, increase productivity, and improve air quality. Breathe easier with a collection of adorable miniature plants in one of our sleek glass terrariums.


Steel frame fastens robust glass panes for maximum strength and an attractive, minimalist aesthetic. Hold a full bed of substrate and as many plants as you can fit.


Five percent of profits goes to help fund schools, village clinics, and wedding expenses of underprivileged artisans.